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Doat optional anonymous transfer



Value orientation of FST

  • From the perspective of blockchain industry development, FST's ultimate vision is to be able to reshape the value of blockchain industry. By establishing the connection between different blockchain ledgers, FST will integrate the resources of blockchain industry, build a series of excellent landing projects from various ecological perspectives, and build a universal cross chain suitable for various industries, so that the global blockchain enthusiasts can jointly maintain the blockchain ecosystem we created.
  • FST believes in the development of blockchain and digital solutions in the age of 5g and Internet of things. FST hopes that more people will learn about the blockchain together with us, join the blockchain, and help the development of 5g, the Internet of things era and block technology together.
  • After the main network goes online, FST will be widely used in 5g, 5g of Internet of things environment, Internet of things, artificial intelligence, industrial control, smart city, intelligent manufacturing, edge computing module and other application fields.
  • FST will use the blockchain technology to build the network security and trust mechanism of the terminal on the chain under the 5g and Internet of things architecture; realize the value ecological network system with high throughput, low latency, high concurrency and low power consumption; be able to support the multi-source information interconnection and exchange on the chain in the digital era in the future, And diversified asset registration, exchange, interaction and flow: to realize the interconnection of all things, build a data world on the chain, and promote the new economy of information profit.
  • As a basic cross chain oriented to 5g, Internet of things digital economy era, focusing on 5g, Internet of things application scenarios, FST aims to use blockchain technology to achieve complex application scenario business chain, and help the industry development in 5g, Internet of things digital era.